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About Xlabora

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We are a group of entrepreneurs with several years of experience in different sectors such as B2B, B2C and web strategies We created Xlabora as our answer to the needs of our Clients: within the same Company located in the sunny island of Malta we are able to support them offering tailored services with our 2 main Divisions, MaltaConsulting and XlaboraPerformance

Our Story

After several years spent doing business in Europe and Asia, we have learnt how the different needs of speci×c markets are important and how those needs have to be analyzed to ×nd the best solution in order to make ideas become real suites Opportunities. MaltaConsulting offers business services and business consultancies in order to start, manage or correct business ideas on the Maltese island, known for its extreme positive environment and taxation for the entrepreneurs while XlaboraPerformance gives digital solutions in order to monetize via the web the business ideas.


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